CCILU means “liberate!”

CCILU is pronounced “CHILU” and it means ‘liberate’ in japanese. CCILU is all about freedom. Freedom for self-expression. Freedom from convention. Freedom not to compromise style for comfort. First introduced in 2012, our fashion-forward, injection-molded footwear has swept the world with its free-spirited, anything-goes attitude that is characteristic of our current age. CCILU is new wave footwear…

CCILU range

CCILU is tailored to the trendiest styles, from sandals and sneakers to ballerina flats, wedges, heels and boots.
It embodies effortless, casual chic, but its technology is anything but casual. Made with low-carbon ccilucellTM material, every shoe is comfortable, lightweight, durable and antibacterial – so wearers never have to sacrifice comfort for fashion.

CCILU. Pure fashion. Pure fun!

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